Creativity is an integral facet of advertising, yet online marketing also encompasses algorithms, data, and statistics. All of these factors determin the success of an online marketing campaign. We are your dedicated specialists who delve into all aspects of online marketing. We not only possess knowledge of the latest trends but also understand how to translate them into quantifiable achievements. We prioritize strategy, technical proficiency, and a thorough knowledge of the digital landscape. Your success is our code.


Our Agency specializes in Web Design, SEO, and Online Marketing

Founded in 2017, Spektrum E is an agency that specializes in all facets of online marketing. Catering to a diverse clients ranging from multinational corporations with multiple international locations to local clubs and non-profit organizations, we provide our clients with reliable service, high-quality websites, and effective online strategies that ensure a successful online presence. Our suite of services encompasses web design, custom web development, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising (SEA), website maintenance, WordPress development, graphic design, and print advertising. From design and programming of websites through to the analysis of online marketing strategies, we provide extensive expertise and experience.

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Our Team

Jörn Herrmann

Managing Director

Jonathan Hames

Developer & IT

Enes Atsiz


David Zegers

Content & Design

Why Choose Spektrum E Digital Agency?

1. Expertise & Quality

Quality is of paramount importance to us. We are experts in our core competencies, and for all other areas, we utilize a network of specialists.

2. Value Proposition

Due to our modern and streamlined business model, our services are significantly more cost-effective than those offered by traditional agencies.

3. Personalized Service

You will receive personal service, and we tailor our workflow to the specific requirements of each individual project.

1. Expertise & Quality

The allure of being a generalist is undeniable. However, we have made the strategic decision to focus solely on what we excel at: web design, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Furthermore, within the realm of web design, we have opted to specialize in WordPress rather than working with many systems.

We do not compromise on aspects that could jeopardize security or efficiency, and we construct websites in a manner that facilitates easy updates and expansions. For instance, before the launch of a website, we meticulously revise the unseen elements of the website to enhance its performance on Google and other search engines, bolster its protection against hackers, and reduce loading times. Additionally, we refrain from taking shortcuts or implementing dubious strategies in the realm of SEO that may yield short-term visitor gains but result in long-term penalties.

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2. A Highly Competitive Value Proposition

We are confident that we offer excellent value for money. This is one reason we are very open about our pricing on this website. Our network of independent specialists allows us to maintain exceptionally low operating costs. Furthermore, we have specialized in a carefully curated selection of products, facilitating highly efficient operations. For instance, we predominantly utilize WordPress for the creation of new websites, rather than offering multiple CMS products simultaneously (Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, Contenido etc.).

3. Personalized Service and Sustainable Partnership

We offer a long-term partnership for your online marketing needs and take the time to truly understand your business. With us, you always have a dedicated contact person who can help you with any questions about your website, SEO, or even brainstorming and feedback on new ideas.

We are a WordPress Agency

What does this mean?

We have specialized in the design and optimization of websites with WordPress. Should you desire a WordPress website, we are the ideal web designer for your requirements. If you are not yet acquainted with WordPress, we would be happy to advise you on whether and if so, to what extent, it is suitable for your website needs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software application utilized for the creation and modification of websites (a Content Management System or CMS). It facilitates the streamlined development of websites, enabling website owners to modify content directly on the website without any programming skills. WordPress currently powers over 30% of all websites. WordPress is secure, high-performing, and user-friendly. Get more information about WordPress and our WordPress services.