Non-Profit Organizations

We hereby offer pro bono web design services to Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) domiciled in Siegen and the surrounding environs.

We respectfully request your understanding

that we are unable to provide complimentary website development services to every organization. Therefore, we have established the following guidelines:

We are pleased to collaborate with organizations that contribute to the betterment of our society, such as aid organizations and animal shelters.

We prioritize organizations that provide direct assistance to individuals or the environment.

We prioritize smaller organizations that receive minimal or no governmental subsidies.

We do not provide support to political organizations.

Complimentary projects may be subject to extended completion timelines during periods of heightened demand.

Regrettably, we are unable to extend complimentary hosting services. However, we are pleased to offer a discount on our hosting packages or facilitate the installation of the completed website with a third-party provider.

Should your organization wish to participate in this program, kindly submit a brief description of your organization and its website requirements, or schedule a consultation with our team.