Increase your customer base and revenue with an experienced Google Partner. Google Ads makes it easy to create advertisements to boost brand awareness, sales, and leads.


The Advantages of Google Ads

Your ads appear at the opportune moment: precisely when potential customers are actively searching for your service or product. Costs can be precisely controlled, and successful campaigns can be easily scaled.

We are a Google Ads Agency.

Through diverse campaign types, it’s possible to strategically guide potential customers through the purchasing process across channels. Search campaigns are particularly effective in this regard, as they are shown to people when they are searching for products and services. Google Ads is most effective in scenarios with high competition in organic search results, regardless of whether it’s for an online store or an offline business like a tradesperson or dentist. Additionally, display advertising can be utilized to increase brand awareness in a geographically targeted manner.

When is a Partnership with a Google Ads Agency Advantageous?

We assist companies new to Google Ads and those seeking to optimize existing campaigns. For businesses with smaller budgets, we offer one-time services such as campaign creation or optimization. For larger budgets (at least €300 monthly), we provide comprehensive ongoing support.

We offer you:

Consultation: Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of performance potential

Management: Monitoring of campaign objectives and monthly reporting

Setup: We set up your account and launch the first campaign together.

Optimization: We meticulously review your Google Ads campaigns and implement adjustments that improve key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been agreed on.

What is a Google Partner?

As a Google Partner, our designated employees have successfully completed the annual Google Ads certifications. Furthermore, we have demonstrated our expertise and experience in managing Google Ads campaigns by meeting specific quality requirements. We also maintain a substantial level of recent experience, as measured by our quarterly managed campaign budget. Only after fulfilling these rigorous criteria can a company apply for and potentially attain Google Partner status. Furthermore, our agency can launch campaigns more easily that are optimized from the outset.

Business team meeting to meet professional investors working on

What does Google Ads management entail?


Initial Contact and Proposal: We discuss your objectives and prepare a tailored proposal.


Analysis: An analysis of the current situation is typically the initial step in gaining a comprehensive understanding of objectives and potential. This includes keyword analysis. In this way, we can illustrate your opportunities while considering market competition and establish a foundation for a successful Google Ads collaboration.


Campaign Creation: Based on our analysis data, we will optimize your existing campaigns or create a strategically sound campaign for you.


Audit – Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: We regularly review the campaign for performance and guide the algorithm in the right direction as needed. Through regular reporting, you are always up to date.

Why Spektrum E?

We seek

a collaboration that yields mutual benefits.

We are

a qualified Google Partner capable of executing efficient and effective advertising campaigns through Google Ads.

We offer

fair billing on a fee basis, rather than commission.

Google Ads Agency FAQs

The costs are determined on an individual basis in agreement with you. We do not charge commissions; instead, we agree on a budget against which we charge for the actual time spent on your project. Typically, we establish a time budget with you that is commensurate with your advertising budget.

A reputable Google Ads agency should have achieved Google Partner status. Additionally, a good agency always communicates its approach transparently and can strategically justify its actions.

Even with smaller budgets, engaging a specialized agency as a one-time investment can be advisable. This avoids costly mistakes and ensures a campaign that is correctly created, managed, and optimized. For monthly advertising expenditures of approximately €300 or more, ongoing support from an agency is advisable.

Professional campaign management by a specialized agency offers numerous advantages:

Expertise: You gain access to an expert who is responsible for managing your campaign and maximizing the return on your budget.

Time Savings: You can focus on your core business activities.

Web Developers: As web developers, we can independently embed the necessary code snippets into your website’s code as required, ensuring accurate conversion tracking. We are equipped to identify issues that may not always be apparent to marketing teams alone.

Google Partnership: Our regular contact with Google Support enables us to find solutions to potential issues more rapidly.

Google recommends reviewing the campaign overview once daily, which is reasonable for larger budgets. However, from our experience, a weekly overview suffices for smaller budgets. For larger campaigns involving significant financial investments, more frequent monitoring is advisable to initiate manual adjustments as needed.