An unoptimized website is like a shop in the middle of nowhere. No matter how impressive your homepage is, it’s useless if it can’t be found. With targeted search engine optimization (SEO), you can make your website visible for the people who are looking for what you have to offer.


Your SEO Agency

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to achieve prominent placement in search results for keywords relevant to your business. SEO has long been an indispensable component of online marketing, multiplying the value of a website. As an SEO agency with a proven track record, we can enhance your website’s visibility to the relevant target audience online.


We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions but rather we create individual goal-oriented strategies.


Through years of experience and SEO experiments, we’ve sifted through countless strategies to identify what truly works


We do not make empty promises, but rather aim for what is realistically achievable.


We equip you with the tools necessary to independently evaluate the results.

Nahezu 60 % aller organischen Klicks auf Google entfallen auf die ersten drei Ergebnisse und mehr als 31,5 % der Klicks bekommt alleine Platz 1, laut einer statistische Datenerfassung von mehr als 50,000 Websites auf Google in 2019. Eine Website auf Platz 1 der Suchergebnisse gewinnt 26 mal so viel Seitenbesucher als eine Website auf Platz 11. Um in den Suchergebnissen durchstarten zu können ist ein effektives Webdesign hilfreich, jedoch nicht zwingend notwendig. Maßgeblich sind u.a. die Leistungen der Wettbewerber. Die Umsetzung verschiedener Maßnahmen ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg, und im Bestfall funktioniert das ohne die ganze Website verändern zu müssen. Mit dem Aufbau der richtigen Strategie und gezielten Optimierungen kann praktisch jede Website auf Google gefunden werden, sodass Kunden Ihre Website von alleine finden und besuchen.

Why is search engine optimization essential for every webpage?

Nearly 60% of all organic clicks on Google are attributed to the first three results, with over 31.5% of clicks going to the top position alone, according to a statistical study of more than 50,000 websites on Google. The top spot on Google’s search results attracts 26 times more visitors than the eleventh. While a great web design can help, it’s not the sole factor in search ranking success. Even without a complete website overhaul, strategic SEO optimizations can significantly boost your visibility on Google. By implementing the right measures, we can ensure your website is easily discovered.

Local SEO

Approximately one-third of all searches on Google have a regional aspect. Whether it’s a restaurant, dentist, or dog groomer, more and more people are using search engines to find local businesses. Local optimization is not just about appearing above competitors in search results. You should also be ranked highly on Google Maps and listed in relevant local and/or industry directories. Reviews and listings on Google My Business are also crucial. As we primarily work with small to medium-sized businesses, we are particularly well-suited for local SEO. Whether it’s targeting individual districts or the entire region, we can help you get found in the right location.

SEO Siegen Grafik erfolgreicher Maßnahmen
After a client had invested a significant amount of money with one of the larger SEO agencies in Siegen for six months, with no tangible results, they approached us in desperation. Within a few months, we had already achieved clear results. The client significantly surpassed their competitors, as measured by over 30 of the most important search terms.
Grafik SEO-Entwicklung durch Kampagne
This graph illustrates the results of a long-term SEO campaign for a small business based in Siegen, Germany. Initially, the website received minimal visibility. However, it is now readily discoverable for key search terms and competes effectively with much larger enterprises.

Crystal-clear results

In SEO, there is a significant amount of behind-the-scenes work that is difficult to evaluate other than by their results. You should be able to clearly see how we have contributed to the success of your website. A transparent and open methodology is a hallmark of our SEO agency. You will receive regular reporting, allowing you to independently monitor your website’s ranking.

SEO Tools

Specialized SEO tools assist us in identifying potential on-page and off-page SEO measures more readily. Due to the multitude of metrics and processes involved, SEO is a complex field of marketing that requires regular adjustements. Therefore, we not only stay informed about the evolving requirements of search engines like Google but also rigorously test various SEO tools against each other to achieve optimal results.

As programmers and web designers, we are particularly passionate about technical optimization to achieve high-quality SEO and thus move closer to the ideal website.


Goal Setting and SEO Plan Creation: Increased traffic does not automatically equate to success. It is imperative to motivate the right visitors towards specific target behaviors (e.g., calling the company or purchasing a product online). Therefore, an SEO project should commence with well-defined, measurable, and realistic goals.


SEO Analysis: The analysis elucidates the strengths, weaknesses, and errors present on your website. Concrete suggestions for improvement are provided. Your competitors’ websites are also analyzed to facilitate objective comparisons.


Implementation of Optimizations: Upon receiving the necessary access rights from you, we will efficiently implement SEO measures in close consultation with you. Alternatively if preferred, you or your web designer will receive precise instructions, enabling you to easily implement the changes yourself.


Evaluation of Results: Transparent reporting keeps you informed about your website’s digital performance. We track real data for your key keywords and landing pages, demonstrating the tangible impact of our SEO strategies.

Costs for SEO

SEO budgets can be flexibly adjusted. The ideal budget depends entirely on your industry and objectives, as well as the current state of your website. During the complimentary initial consultation, our expert will discuss your goals and suggest potential strategies. Subsequently, you can either opt for a predetermined budget or select specific tasks (such as content creation, link building, ongoing analysis, etc.), which will be billed on an hourly basis.

SEO Consultation

One-off analysis of the SEO situation with concrete suggestions for improvement. We research the situation regarding keywords, competitors, website programming and external aspects.

from 400 €


One-Time SEO

After an SEO analysis, we implement targeted measures that will increase your ranking in the search results.

from 1000 €


SEO Campaign

We undertake all necessary measures to ensure you consistently remain ahead of your competitors. We handle all aspects of SEO and keep you informed with regular progress reports.

500 € – 2500 € monthly