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Do you require professional copywriting but lack the time or expertise or language skills? Whether for SEO, marketing, or other purposes, trust Spektrum E – your dedicated copywriter for German and English.

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The Importance of SEO-Optimized Copy

The importance of SEO-optimized copy is clear: It not only provides users with the information they seek in a way they can easily understand, but well-crafted copy also improves search engine rankings, making you easier to find. This translates to increased visibility, stronger brand awareness, and ultimately, more customers. As the marketing adage goes, “Content is King!”

Why Choose Spektrum E for Your Copywriting Needs?

As SEO specialists, we take a holistic approach to content. Our marketing expertise and advanced tools enable us to rapidly create impactful SEO copy. Our professional texts stand out due to our comprehensive approach, which includes competitor analysis and in-depth keyword research, combined with human creativity. This ensures optimal results for both users and search engines.

We also offer German language texts written by a native speaker.

What Are the Criteria for Effective SEO Copy?

We adhere to the following criteria when crafting high-quality SEO copy to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We find the right words to highlight your message and outshine the competition.

Fulfill the search intent

Designed not only for the reader, but also optimized for Google

Incorporate specific keywords and adhere to optimal length requirements

Target audience-appropriate language and tone

Incorporate semantic structures, relevant phrases, and structural elements that align with the intended search intent

However, it’s not sufficient to simply use as many keywords as possible. This practice, known as keyword stuffing, can negatively impact SEO. Instead, a more nuanced approach is required, ensuring a balanced and valuable text for both users and search engines. Factors to consider include the use of synonyms and related words, maintaining an appropriate keyword density, and aligning with the user’s search intent.

Common Types of Content

Website/SEO Copy

As SEO specialists, we of course offer SEO texts for your website.


We offer fast text creation for your blog. Whether it’s a guide, an experience report, or just something worth knowing, we prepare texts in an interesting way so that they are informative and easy to understand.

Product Descriptions

Matching your company and product, our creative minds come up with short but crisp slogans.

Social Media

We keep your community engaged with fresh, trending content, adhering to platform-specific guidelines and best practices regarding hashtags. To further enhance visibility, we also offer stock images and videos.

Advertising Copy

For example, for Google Ads. We identify the right keywords and transform them into effective ads.


We create and design impactful marketing emails and, upon request, seamlessly integrate them into your existing systems. This allows you to effectively engage your customers, enhance brand recall, and drive potential purchases.

Looking for a different type of content? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Spektrum E is your copywriter for all your content needs.

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Can’t SEO Texts Simply Be AI-Generated?

AI-generated texts are widely used today. However, since SEO texts are primarily designed for human readers, each text must be unique. It’s often easy to dectect whether a text was written by a human or generated by AI. This means that major search engines like Google can likely detect AI-created texts and penalize them accordingly, not to mention that the are often less interesting to read. While AI can certainly be used to assist copywriting, in practice it shouldn’t be relied on completely.

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Get Your Copy Written by Spektrum E in 3 Easy Steps


Contact: Reach out to us with your requirements, and we’ll provide a tailored quote.


Copywriting: Upon approval, we begin crafting your content, typically starting with comprehensive keyword analysis using our tools. We carefully consider your preferences and feedback, and we’re happy to revise and optimize existing texts.


Enjoy the results: You’ll typically receive a draft in Word format via email. Provide feedback if needed before we or you integrate the text into your website.

Copywriter FAQs

We prefer a more transparent billing model, as the quality of a text isn’t solely determined by length. For example, for SEO texts, copywriting is preceded by keyword analysis, and the writing time varies depending on the topic’s complexity. Writing SEO texts of the same length is often faster than creating texts for product packaging or flyers, which require more creative development. Therefore, we prefer to offer you a custom quote.

Keywords are terms of particular importance in texts. They capture the essence of a text and ideally align with relevant search terms. This signals to search engines that the text is relevant for these terms, leading to a higher ranking for the page or product.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It encompasses measures to improve a website or product’s ranking in search engine results. These measures can be technical, aesthetic, or textual, all aimed at increasing visibility in search results.